Friday, June 22, 2018

How to create an Anime

How to create an Anime

Many of the children and adults watch anime. Even more saw him at least from the corner of his eye. But how is it created?

Everything starts with an idea. It happens that a brainstorm is arranged, where only one is chosen from the whole heap, but the best. It happens, the whole guide decides. But anyway, this is the very first and most boring stage. After choosing an idea, the composition of the team that will be engaged in its implementation is decided, sponsors are sought. Anime is actually quite an expensive thing - the cost of showing 52 episodes in the late night on 5-7 channels of television is close to 50 million yen, and the Fullmetal Alchemist show cost at 6 pm was 10 times more expensive!

The next couple of steps are optional if the anime is drawn on a comic book. Such アニメ壁紙 anime in general, the majority, and this is fully justified. By the fact whether the manga was successful or not, you can know in advance whether anime will be successful, and just save some penny. For the sake of fairness it is worth noting that it happens and vice versa - manga is drawn by anime. For example, it was with FLCL.

The second stage is the coming up of a common concept - who, how, what and why. The characters, the storyline, are invented, some first sketches are being made. Once this is all ready, script writers and artists begin their work. A detailed script is written, characters and backgrounds are drawn, and then an approximate storyboard is done.

Everything is painted in the usual way, in a pencil on paper. Characters are drawn in different angles and moods, in different clothes and with different objects.

Separated from all this, the background is drawn. It often happens that it is drawn not from scratch, but from some photographs. So do not be surprised if you see familiar places while walking in Japan.

However, the background can be drawn later, in the process, especially if it's remote and it does not need to draw detailed shadows from the animation.

Finally, we move on to the next part, finally connected with the computer. Here the biggest and most difficult work begins - animation, coloring and layout. First, artists draw a few frames of character animation, between the ready-made outline sketches of the storyline. For TV anime, usually 12 frames per second is drawn, but sometimes it's 24 or 8. It's exactly the same as before - the outlines are printed on paper and digitized. It's really hellish work - imagine how much to draw for a 25-minute series!

Barbie Glam Splash Walkthrough

Help Barbie the little mermaid, collect all the accessories, and avoid meeting with sharks, jellyfish and underwater whirlpools.

Barbie Glam Splash is available to play online.


All Angry Birds Games!

All Angry Birds Games!

Famous game hit Angry Birds has gained popularity among fans of mini-games all over the world. Probably no longer a man who is not familiar with these evil birds. The goal of this simple game is to hit the pigs and get three stars. If the hit is not exactly accurate, then the asterisks are smaller and it is necessary to repeat the passage of the level. The prehistory of Angry Birds is that the hungry Bad Piggies decided to steal the eggs from the bird's nests and eat them. The birds became angry and decided to take revenge on the pigs, firing at their houses from a large slingshot. Play this cool games online without registration!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tanki Online Game Walkthrough

Play Tanki Online game online

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Tanki Online game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!


Stardew Valley Beta Test

Stardew Valley Beta Test

The cooperative mode of the simulator of the delights of the farm life of Stardew Valley is now available to the general public. You can play with your friends on Steam, activating the beta with a special code.

As promised by the developers, the beta test of the best Kizi farm simulator was opened in the first quarter of 2018 (mid-second). So, what you need to participate in the test:

  • Have or buy Stardew Valley on Steam;
  • Find in the library a list of your games, right-click on Stardew Valley, select properties, go to the "BETA VERSION" tab;
  • Detect a string for entering codes, enter the jumpingjunimos code there, click the "CHECK CODE" button;
  • After successful manipulations on the same tab, choose the beta version;
  • Dive into the world of farm life, fishing and non-traditional relationships!
In the beta test, you can use your farm from old save, but the developers strictly do not recommend doing this without creating backup copies of your saveings.

You can find these files in the %APPDATA%\StardewValley\Saves folder on Windows, or in the ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves folder on Linux and Mac.

Multiplayer Stardew Valley supports up to four people, each of whom must have their own house on the farm. In order to invite friends, you will have to build huts for them on your farm, go to the main menu and find the "Host" tab, and then "Host New Farm". Then you will need to configure the server and invite your friends. More details about the settings of the cooperative with beautiful pictures can be found in the developer's blog.

Stardew Valley offers kizi players to escape from the disgusted routine of urban life and plunge into the sweet routine of village life, where you have to develop a farmhouse and communicate with local people, each with its own character.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Snail Bob All Levels Walkthrough

Help Snail Bob to go through all the levels to find a house. In this video, you will learn how to use various items.

Snail Bob is available to play here:


Gravel: Arcade-Racing Game

Gravel: Arcade-Racing Game

Extreme racing arcade, which allows you to try out the most amazing tracks in the wild corners of the planet. In the game, four disciplines cross-country and off-road transport, suitable for any race conditions.

Gravel is a tour of a wide range of extreme racing tracks, where the most powerful cars compete in speed and dust the carbon brake discs. The score here is excitement, fun and pure adrenaline: no "realistic" control schemes, nitro and correct trajectories - only your reaction and the strength of the suspension will determine the winner.

Unlike other rally simulators, where races are held on paved trails, and the fight goes for seconds, Gravel offers a treacherous and unpredictable landscape, as well as the ability to perform various tricks, not particularly worried about the safety of transport. Terms of victory here are also somewhat different - compete game and win, and you will be challenged by four Maestros - the best off-road racers who will not be easy to defeat.

The technical side of the game is based on the Unreal Engine 4 toolkit, which draws a very bright and beautiful picture of impassability and various corners of the planet: mountain peaks, tropical islands, modern cities, mamumba, deserts and juicy mud of spring Japan. The models of cars boast of excellent body painting and the elaboration of the salons, which makes driving pleasant to the eye. The physics of game control here is simplified and ideal for an undemanding driver.


Competitive experience can be obtained in races for 12 players, for example, in races with checkpoints or free research without borders. Particularly worth noting the battle in the arena - here players compete in agility and show various tricks, along the way trying to knock the enemy off the track. There are a number of real tracks in the game, on which the traditional rules of races operate.

Gravel has earned an excellent press and feedback from the players - beautiful graphics, unpredictable landscapes, iconic cars and a cheerful soundtrack. Spoils the picture of the complete lack of localization and some problems with optimization.