Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Testing of a new online shooter Phantomers


The shooter game a really dynamic and well drawn. At first glance, this is exactly what is missing today the online gaming industry in this genre. It embodies a one-esteem and in terms of gameplay. Of course you need to understand that there are some small flaws in the plan, the fact that the cartridges run out early in the arms or too long invulnerability in battle, where every man for himself, etc. Recall that the project was only closed beta and will go back for revision, where all these aspects will be corrected as much as possible.

From the obvious drawbacks encountered by users - it's too bad adaptation to the platform (PC). Many in the beginning of the test could not really get into the game, while others have seen persistent friezes, in a collision with an opponent, or when the room became playing more than 10 people.

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