Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Town of Light - output this week

The Town of Light 

This week is full of strange games releases. One of them - The town of light. Which offers a walk in the subconscious mind of the protagonist, as well as a psychiatric hospital, where this character was.

The town of light is based on facts and extensive research of mental disorders, the life of patients in psychiatric hospitals in the 1900s.

The game is highly recommended for an adult audience, as the history of the game may cause discomfort for some people. Characters and names are fictitious and used exclusively for the narrative.

The main character, Rene, March 12, 1938 is one of the psychiatric hospitals in Italy. Learn more about Renee can read her blog. Why she was there, and to be seen to the player. The game is positioned as a psychological adventure and horror.

February 26 game will be available on Steam.

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