Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mario Forever - better late than never!

Mario Forever

Mario ... What does this word, my friend, for you? Distant childhood? Sleepless nights in front of TV with a joystick in their hands? Races from fungi and fights against the turtles? Or are you late and was born after being immortal inherently dandy thrown on antrisoli and under sofas, replacing it with "cool" and the play segami steyshenami? In any case, I am not afraid to say that everyone knows about Mario!

And now let us return to this wonderful world. A world where every pipe - a mystery, back to where Marshmallow Froot Loops replaces the conventional fly agaric, where hedgehogs are falling from the sky, and turtles can fly, where a hundred gold you got another life, go back and see how much the world has changed, yet we did not have!

I have to say, not concealing that this game - the best in my opinion remake Mario on your computer! The current version of the game: 4.4 (a version here - it's not just tsiferka this additional secrets and levels that will make through the game again and again).

The game has 3 slots for conservation, which is important for modern games. There storyline consisting of eight worlds (one harder than the other), each with an average of four levels.

And there is, in my opinion, the most delicious: List of additional levels, secrets and mini-games embedded.

Real Mario Kids Room
Source: homeid
Incidentally, the sheet taking into account the open secrets - common to all three saves. In general, talk about the game can be infinite, it is simple, but will not make bored even the most hardened gamers!

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