Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls

I'm sure many of us have dreamed to find yourself in a parallel universe. How do you version of the world, where instead of people would be a reasonable animal. They went to school, we watched telly, dreaming, happy in the same way as we do. But what would happen if this universe is united with our one whole? Games Equestria Girls tell us about it. They are ready for a new mind bending adventure! The recipe of good mood is quite simple - it's fun, dances and songs. Relax with these provocative girls. Play Equestria Girls games you can be on http://littleponyjuegos.com/juegos-de-equestria-girls/ site - the best way to enjoy life in an unusual cartoon world.

What actually happened?

What winds young princess brought to our shores? This story is so long and complicated that it takes a while retelling, so get ready. It all started with the fact that even in the childhood studied with Sparkle Princess Celestia. Sparkle became the second student, along with the charismatic, impulsive and ambitious Sunset Shimmer. Sunset struck by his abilities, though had a complete lack of patience. She constantly felt that learning takes place not quite intensively, and it can do everything faster. Daring Sunset went from his teacher in search of a simple and fast way. As we know, free cheese is only in one place, and all you have to pay a price. The price paid for it was a magic mirror, which closed it in a parallel world by as much as thirty years. Upset mentor decided to wait until sunset senses, learn to be patient and come back myself. She really went back thirty years, but instead of good it is to multiply a negative traits.

First liberated schoolgirl decided to steal the crown Twilight Princess. In addition, it also substituted the crown cheap copy to her crime was not disclosed ahead of time. But the substitution was quickly identified and between heroines fight ensued, during which the crown fell to a parallel world. Both the princess rushed to her and got into our world. When you need to save the situation, then help will always come Equestria Girls. Our heroine has changed in appearance and looked like a normal person. In this strange and incomprehensible world, she quickly found a Statement of friends who have decided to help her. Now the girls have to help our character to win the title of Princess Autumn Ball in its eternal rival.

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