Monday, September 12, 2016

Friv Games

This series of friv games was very popular in its time. But then she suddenly cut short. The reason is simple. Its just eclipsed Sonic. However, to him, the project enjoyed popular love as in any game shooter, thanks to its gameplay. However, as with most platform games. So, today we will talk about the ageless classics, entitled "Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle".

This project was developed by enthusiasts and released in 2012. The essence of the game is very simple. The player controlling the character must climb the platforms and fend off enemies. Also, there is another feature for which juegos de friv are very fond. When Alex comes in either a room, it is possible with a different opponent, play rock-paper-scissors. For the victory, given a useful thing, for losing the usual fig. Also, with the help of the present case, it is possible to fight with the boss. That's all the description of the gameplay.

The original story does not shine, but in their own interest. Alex Kid, kidnapped his father, which, of course, it is necessary to find and rescue. However, there is also a brother, but he's a pretty busy person. No joke, the ruler of the entire planet! Yes, and reliable sources indicate that beloved relative is generally on another planet.

So Alex will have to go to the path of the road. Along the way he meets a lot of different personalities and enemies. With someone need to talk, but with other fight. And third, just play rock-paper-scissors. Gathering uncomplicated outfit, Alex went in search of friv ...

Great chance to join the classics. Good graphics (for the time), nice sound, and of course, the gameplay will not leave indifferent fans of old games. If you for some reason missed this project, be sure to make up for lost time. Have a good game.

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