Friday, October 13, 2017

GameFaucet Earn Free Bitcoin Website Review

GameFaucet - Earn Free Bitcoin

Win free big bitcoin, you will get different bonus #Bitcoin, #BTC from every different game on GameFaucet.

SEO Website Review:

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New map for Overwatch in the Mad Max Style

New map for Overwatch in the Mad Max Style

The company Blizzard showed the long-awaited new card for Overwatch in the style of "Mad Max", and also suddenly introduced a new short film about the adventures of two friends in his hometown.

According to the prehistory, Kryavchik and Turbosvin lived in Junktown Town, which is located in the heart of the Australian prairie. The city was built after the Omnium destroyed in the war, and now it has become a haven for the most out-and-out bandits, who call themselves the Junkers. As it became known Mamumba Games, all the bandits are ruled by the Queen. Kryavchik and Turbosvin lived among the other thugs, but so they got the queen that she decided to drive them out of Junktown. But our heroes are very stubborn and decided to take revenge ...

Monkey Go Happy 1-4 Spiele Walkthrough

In diesem Video kann man den Spielverlauf des Spiels Monkey Go Happy 1-4 sehen, zu verstehen, wie es zu spielen, lernen von einem anderen Spieler ein paar Geheimnisse oder einfach nur entspannen und einen Cartoon Art Passage Online-Spiel zu sehen.

Spielen Sie das Spiel "Monkey Go Happy 1-4 Spiele" auf unserer Website

Link 2:

Monkey Go Happy Spiele


Monday, June 19, 2017

In the Crossout Game There Will be Drivers of Armored Cars


Only a week has passed since the release of the post-apocalyptic MMO Crossout in open access, and the developers have already cared about the beauty of weapons and the appearance of cars. As site informs, All designers will receive containers with paint and will be engaged in creativity.

As part of the update 0.60 Crossout received several important innovations, one of them - the opportunity to put in the cab of a specialist driver. All the drivers in the game belong to certain factions, and if you gain some influence in the faction, you will have access to the driver. All the "drivers" have different skills, gain experience in combat and discover new perks that seriously affect the gameplay.

All lovers of unusual forms have an excellent opportunity to make their transport unlike their opponents. The decoration system allows not only to repaint some parts of the car, but also to create (in the future) unusual design elements installed on the car bodies. All players will have access to the machine tool of the Mechanics faction, where they can forge containers with cosmetics. Decorated weapons can not be resold, but you can repaint an infinite number of times.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Minecraft 1.7.2 Game Review

Minecraft 1.7.2

An extraordinary and extraordinary game that conflicts with the usual colorful and colorful graphics, again proves that there is a main thing in gaining new fans. Huge pixels and primitive graphics are winning more and more fans. After all, the adventure itself is of interest.

It's no wonder that even Microsoft last year showed extraordinary interest, having bought out all the rights to mining and construction. You are invited to go into a world where you will create your own universe. Minecraft 1.7.2 will teach you how to find all kinds of resources, build defenses and embody your creative ideas.

The atmosphere draws with incredible speed. And everyone who comes here, seeks to get as much resources as possible and make the strengthening even steeper than others. In order to feel confident in the full process of mining, it is possible to practice by including Minecraft 1.7.2 mini. This version, though mini, however, is not without all the pleasant and interesting moments available in full version.


Correctly direct the computer little man

For confident use of the entire arsenal of functions provided, it is important to clearly manage all the actions of your virtual hero. In order to jump, press the W key to collapse to the right, press D, to turn left - A. Oswoy in perfection these buttons. You can, if you want to download the game with ease. Do not let go of the mouse, it will allow you to intensively dig in to get everything you need.

When you start the action, collect all the fossils that come in your way. Clamp for this left mouse button and drag the treasured squares. It can be florets, leaves, bushes - take everything, certainly sooner or later it will fit. All fossils found by you, absolutely free of charge can add additional funds to your treasury.

If you are rich, you will be able to build such structures that small enemies will even be afraid to look at. But initially all Minecraft games are recommended to be mined using a pickax. And let it take some time, but the result is worth it. Do not forget about the mandatory availability of wood in your arsenal, without which your house will not be built.

Play online here:

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Friv 2 Games Site & 5 Best Games Walkthrough

The Friv 2 site has selected the best online games for children and adults of any age and any preferences.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friv Mobile Games

Friv Mobile Games

Every game developer would like to see his child become so popular, as well as friv mobile games at site so that he will not be forgotten for many, many years. But, unfortunately, not many people manage to win such popularity. But those who succeed in this have achieved this not by accident, but with hard and persistent work. Why do we love these interesting games so much? We distinguish them among many other games. After all, if you look at first glance - nothing special in these games: the simplest game world, no special effects, complex missions and intricate scenarios ... But, nevertheless, we return to this game again and again.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Jogos Kizi Games

Kizi Games

Are you exactly the one who likes to spend time with virtual characters? Do you want to constantly discover for yourself some new kinds of games to enjoy an interesting story? Or, perhaps, do you ever dream of going to conquer outer space and gain the trust of aliens? It means only one thing - that Kizi games are exactly right for you!

What about the Kizi games? About the cute cosmic dinosaur who gets into different adventures, likes to communicate, is glad to new friends and will never give up any pranks and prose. Search on site for the best game and immerse yourself in an interesting adventure in the company with a green friend.

These online games are suitable for girls and boys. These are bright, funny, kind games, which will give the child a lot of positive emotions. The main character of these space adventures is a charming dinosaur, green. He flew to Earth from another planet. He is very fond of learning something new, very curious, friendly and spontaneous.

Our friend, and in combination the main character of the game is an alien green-eyed baby. Appearance of it is very strange for our human notions, however, in his homeland he is a beautiful creature. After all, in outer space everything is different and the standards of beauty are their own.

But for the human eye, the appearance of the protagonist is not repulsive. Even to us he seems very nice. But we love him not so much for appearance (this is not the main thing), but for cheerful disposition, friendliness and inexhaustible optimism. This dinosaur is so versatile that everyone will like it. Kizi's games at show him from many different angles. He is very curious and loves adventure, so with such a friend it will never be boring!


Friday, May 5, 2017

My Little Pony - Slice of life and 5 top videos

Just want to note that my review refers more to the first season of MLP, which rightfully can be considered a masterpiece of animation and one of the best series for the whole family. It can not be said that the following seasons were so bad: they still can please with interesting subjects, and with funny humor, but much of it has been unbearably lost, too much has been done to please the fans.

"Is it normal that I like it?" - a question that stirs the mind of a person who was delighted with the accidentally seen My Little Pony series. Having entered the Internet, such a person can calm down - fans of the "show for little girls" who call themselves "armor", captivated the whole world, and for today viewing the cartoon about colorful horses has ceased to be something shameful.

And the secret of the cartoon is simple - it's the series "Friends" with ponies instead of people. Watching everyday stories from the life of heroines (sewing dresses, picking apples, etc.), we begin to feel sympathy for each of them, rejoice at their successes and get frustrated when they suffer defeat. Breaking a template can cause an unexpectedly high level of humor, which you do not expect from a cartoon, originally created for little girls.

Since MLP - whatever one may say, action, there are here a series of battles with monsters, and the salvation of the world. But there are fewer such series than simple, everyday stories. By the way, it is in the prevalence of the series with epic stories that the main drawback of the subsequent MLP seasons is that games with which you can play online on site. Of course, it is interesting to observe the clashes of heroines with Discord or chejnjlings, but in these episodes there is a lack of warmth and comfort that were in the series about the best evening or pajama party. Yes, and the characters, for the disclosure of the characters which are interesting to follow in the first season, decently bored to the sixth.

If you want to get carried away with modern animation and do not know where to start, then "My Little Pony" is an ideal option. On the well-known experts in animation, the series, of course, will not make a tremendous impression. Although some expert on animation did not look, or at least did not hear about the multi-colored ponies?

5 top videos on Youtube

My Little Pony Veggie Garden

Equestria Girls Batalla de las Bandas

My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie’s Cupcake Maker Browsergame

My Little Pony Rock Concert

My Little Pony Cooking Cake Walkthrough

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Teletubbies - It's bright, It's fun, Unforgettably!

Teletubbies Spiele

I do not even know what could happen in these funny comic kids, which would make the children "stupefy." Dull children because they do not read books. That they do not do their homework. What teachers do not listen to in class. Because they are not interested in anything other than cartoons or computer games ... Stop. This is where the solution lies. In total, and Teletubbies in particular, should be in moderation.

Of course, there will be no benefit to the intellectual development of the child from this animated series, but at the same time, the child should be able to relax in the soul, disconnect the brain, relax. I watched the Teletubbies at one time did not interfere with studying perfectly, reading encyclopedias, solving crossword puzzles ...

It is important to find time for everything. Books give us food for reason, games Teletubbies at make you smile. I myself, like many people, woke up every morning only when I heard Papa's crying voice and the Teletubbies' song, and these sounds made me smile and open up to meet the new day.

You know, I do not remember very well what the pictures looked like on the pages of encyclopedias that I read. But I remember the Teletubbies well. Because they gave me joy. Is not that enough?

Related video on Youtube:

Teletubbies Little Bo Peep

Teletubbies Animal Parade

Teletubbies We all Fall Down

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dora the Explorer: Great adventure

Dora the Explorer: Great adventure

Dora the Explorer has a birthday. She returns from school with her friend. But instead of the usual bridge over the creek, the dragon is waiting for them! How to move to the other side? Dora understands: some magician transferred them to a fairy tale. And if they are in a fairy tale, then all problems are solved in the most magical way! For example, in games at site you can fly a dragon, using a large soap bubble.

How fun to soar in the air, bouncing off the dragon's back like a ball! And what kind of multicolored crystals? Collect them, flying by - they will be useful to you. From time to time below the playing field there are drawings - a dog, a turtle, a pie or something. And over the back of the dragon appear balloons with letters written on them in English letters. Remember, on what letter the English names of drawings begin, and catch the necessary ball. The flight continues ... Oh, no! Evil witch and flying monkeys made holes in Dora's ball! Urgently count how many patches you need, and then show Boo where to put them, until the soap bubble falls! We coped - and Dora is already on the other side of the stream.

Now you need to go through the forest. In it, and live the evil volatile monkeys. And in the hollows someone hides a very cold - it is better not to approach, sneezes so that blows off the branch! And still everywhere you can find colorful magic crystals. Dial them as much as possible! But do not interfere with the monkeys, do not slip on the banana peel and do not disturb the wild bees. The last stage of the journey you will do on horseback on the Unicorn! And not just like that - but on the rainbow. And again, collect the crystals. Just beware of the colored waves, so that your Unicorn does not stumble, and Dora does not lose the collected crystals. But the evil witch does not want to leave Dora alone - she made holes in the rainbow bridge! This is very dangerous - three times your "horse" will fail, and Dora will never get home. Jump! Or go around with it, as it will be more convenient for you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Where to play Terraria Online

Terraria Online

Terraria is an exciting game, built on the principle of a sandbox in the design of 2D. Many consider her to be a Meincraft clone, but this is not entirely true. It is released on Windows computers. Gradually transferred its content to the consoles of Xbox and PlayStation, as well as to iOS phones and Android.

The Terraria game is characterized by the random generation of worlds. Her characters can be customized. Day here is replaced at night (which adds realism). Land plots can be changed. And with the help of crafting (creating objects), you can equip life by extracting minerals.

The craft function allows you to erect buildings and dig deep underground mines. It's nice that in the game on there is an option to play simultaneously to several users.

The game will provide you with a world unique in its parameters. The hero receives three main tools to obtain the resources. Kirk for the development of minerals, an ax for harvesting wood and a sword.

Study the caves. In their bowels are hidden the necessary ore and a lot of usefulness. Some rarities are only available in certain regions of spacious lands. Look out for the chests. Open them and find artifacts. Most of the awards brave will receive after the battle. The enemy fights, and the bonus is secured.

With the help of recipes, you get the ability to create something new, but for this you need ingredients. As a result, you will find objects or weapons. It all depends on the selected recipe. For example: lighting will be provided by torches, and for their manufacture a workbench will be useful. The smelting furnace will process the ore into metal ingots. There are very complex combinations of components in the Terrarium, where to collect one thing you will have to use resources that are themselves created using recipes.

More Terraria servers:

Terraria Gameplay Walkthrough

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Online games for boys

Online games for boys

In flash games on every boy can feel like a real man! You can sit at the helm of the spacecraft and take part in the space battle accurately shooting at targets and enemy military equipment. Fans of racing simulators will be able to feel like real motorcyclists overcoming in jumps various obstacles. And someone always wanted to sit behind the wheel of a steep wheelbarrow from your favorite movie and about tuning your car to your liking.

For more adult men fights and games with weapons will do. You can play for a brave knight or a samurai, protecting your fortress from a crowd of monsters. Or for a well-aimed sniper defending himself from a zombie. Or maybe you always wanted to become a tanker and influence the future of military operations by shooting enemy tanks from behind your cover because of your cover.

Fans of sports games can take a racket and play tennis, billiards or football. I think every boy dreams of hitting a couple of balls playing for his favorite football player. For calmer children, logical games are suitable: labyrinths, strategies or tower defense style, which have recently become very popular among boys.

Youtube Channel:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Friv Racing Games

Friv Racing Games

It is very difficult to meet a person who has never played or does not like to play in the race. I think you know the spirit of the competition for playing games on in the race for two, when you are shouting and yelling ahead of your opponent? Racing is a separate whole genre that develops and has its own (and sufficiently large) audience of fans.

This Friv Games server is dedicated to a variety of racing flash games, in which you can play together with a friend, get a lot of adrenaline and have fun. Limitations in the choice of means of transportation are practically absent - here you can drive on simple cars and on jeeps, on tractors and on motorcycles, on bicycles and even on horses!

Have fun!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bob Esponja Dutchman's dash

Juegos de Bob Esponja

Playing online in Dutchman's dash at you have to save from the clutches of the ghost of the old pirate favorite pet Bob Esponja - snail Gerry. To win, you need to successfully complete several levels of fun underwater adventures.

All you need for a game is a computer and a connection to the Internet. The game quickly and without problems opens in the browser window, the control is done by the arrow buttons on the keyboard. The buttons "left" - "right" allow you to control your hero's run, the arrow "up" - jump over obstacles or jump on them. Press the "down" button - and your hero crouches, dodging the tentacles of the jellyfish dragons.

In the course of the game, you can collect bonuses that help defend against trouble or bring extra points. Together with Sponge Bob, Patrick Star, an awkward starfish, will also be at your disposal. His jumping strength is slightly higher than that of Bob Esponja and he is always ready to come to the rescue of his friend, if from the first time Bob does not succeed. In the game, each hero initially has three lives, but by collecting bonus points-crabbussers you can add one or two more. You should be afraid of green sea urchins, jellyfish dragons and rolling cannonballs, try to jump over pits with water ... At each new level, the dangers are added, it becomes more difficult to go on - but will this stop the inseparable friends?

Video on Youtube

It's a SpongeBob Christmas Walkthrough

SpongeBob Schwammkopf Dussel und Drachen Walkthrough

SpongeBob Schwammkopf Sardellen Angriff Spiele

SpongeBob Schwammkopf Bikini Bottom Bust Up Spiele Walkthrough

SpongeBob Schwammkopf Capture Craze Walkthrough

SpongeBob Schwammkopf Dutchmans Dash Walkthrough

Friday, March 31, 2017

Mobile games for Tablets

Kizi Mobile games for Tablets

With the advent of powerful mobile devices, the gaming industry has significantly expanded its field of activity. Today, most of those who have never been a fan of computer games, are playing at on their mobile device for Android. A huge number of "kizi mobile gamers" also includes a fair amount of children. The explanation is quite simple - the mobile device is always at hand. If you work, then during a break you can have fun and relax.

If you are waiting for your turn in the hospital or the metro, going to the minibus or the subway, just want to relax for a few minutes, then your smartphone in this will be the best assistant. Just go to the KIZI site and play new HTML5 games for Android and plunge into the world of entertainment.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Paper Minecraft Like Game

Paper Minecraft Like Game

Immerse yourself once again in the wonderful world of Minecraft, where you can create your own objects and build one building. Go to the forest to search for fossils and start creating. At your disposal there is a huge amount of inventory and, to select it, just click on the E button. All the materials and resources extracted must be added to one zone, which is called crafting.In addition to everything else in the Paper Minecraft game at you can collect and various items that will certainly be useful in case you have a question about your survival. Do not lose sight of the food and food reserves that need to be replenished from time to time. Today you get a unique opportunity to do what you love, and we wish you successful construction.

Video on Youtube

Minecraft Letsplay Awesome Views

Minecraft Tower Defense Online Spiel Walkthrough

Match Craft Online Spiel

Scratcharia (Terraria Online in Scratch)

Minecraft Creeper Girl Skin

Mine it (Ähnliche Spiel wie Minecraft) Browsergame

Minecraft Singleplayer Mine Clone

Minecraft Malvorlagen

Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Minecraft Flash Spiel Walkthrough

Jump And Bounce Walkthrough - Ähnliche Spiele wie Minecraft [HTML5]

Paper Minecraft Browsergame Walkthrough - Minecraft Spiele

D.E.E.P. Mining Online-Spiel

Terraria Online Game

Mine Blocks Browsergame

Minecraft Steve Destroy iPhone

Chunk Animator Mod for Minecraft

Block Story - Minecraft Game Like Walkthrough

Defesa da Torre de Minecraft

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spielen Pokemon Online!

Spielen Pokemon Spiele

Zum Kampf um die Pokémon wichtig ist es, die Arten von ihnen zu verstehen. Zum Beispiel bewirken, dass ein Wasser Pokemon große Schäden an der Erde, Stein und Pokémon Feuer, sondern beschäftigen weniger Schaden elektrische und Drachen. Erdbewegungs- Pokemon Ursache umfangreiche Schäden Gift, Stein, Stahl, Feuer und elektrische Pokémon. Bevor Sie sich dem Kampf mit anderen Pokemon ihre Art zu lernen, Power Train Angriff und Verteidigung ihrer Pokémon. Trainer haben pokedeks Pokemon, gibt es alle Informationen über die gefangenen Pokemon gespeichert.

Alle Pokémon Spiele auf sind sorgfältig ausgewählt, sie sind frei mit Freunden zu spielen und zu teilen. Montieren Sie das Puzzle mit Bildern von Pokemon, kümmern sich um Pikachu, Pikachu hat ein Rennen auf einem Motorrad, Färbung, verkleiden, kämpfen und Rennen Pokemon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Funny Donald Trump

Funny Donald Trump

"Laughter is the sun: it drives the winter from the human face," the famous French writer Victor Hugo liked to repeat. Argue with the classic is difficult. A good joke, a funny situation, a well-spoken word, capable of causing a smile among others, as if by magic they illuminate their faces with light and joy.
Make a funny face to the famous billionaire Donald Trump


Monday, March 27, 2017

Monkey Go Happy Spiele und Walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy

Affen - Besondere Vertreter von Primaten, die ein sehr hohes Maß an Intelligenz haben, im Gegensatz zu vielen Mitgliedern der Tierwelt. Wir bieten uns in einer Reihe von Spielen «Affen gehen glücklich» zu machen, zu spielen, in denen weniger unsere Brüder viele interessante Rätsel zu lösen und viele Abenteuer über. Erstellen Sie mehr lustige Situationen, ihnen helfen, verschiedene Aufgaben zu lösen, Ziele zu erreichen - heben Sie Ihre Stimmung und das Vertrauen und sie.



Monkey Go Happy 1-4 Spiele

Monkey Go Happy Samurai

Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys

Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys 2 Browsergame

Monkey Go Happy Western Full Gameplay

Monkey GO Happy Marathon Walkthrough - HD

Monkey Go Happy Sci-fi

Monkey Go Happy Tales Full Walkthrough

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Minecraft Steve Destroy iPhone Spiel

Spielen Sie das Spiel Minecraft Steve Destroy iPhone auf unserer Website

Play Minecraft Games

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Juegos Minecraft

Juegos Minecraft - un legendario juego de ordenador, que tiene su propio estilo, fascinante historia y que con el mismo placer jugar los niños y las niñas. Protagonista del juego - un joven llamado Steve, que vive la vida rica y plena en un apocalipsis zombi. Le encantará jugar Minecraft, porque en el curso de acción que usted puede elegir cualquier tipo de actividades que va a contar el más interesante: la construcción de ciudades y paredes, recoger recursos, y producir alimentos sanos, para viajar por el mundo y matar a los monstruos sedientos de sangre.

La característica principal de este juego Minecraft sus gráficos sin complicaciones creadas en el género de la "caja de arena". Un emocionante mundo de fantasía compuesto en su totalidad de los bloques, y que tienen un gran trabajo para encontrar un uso para ellos, construir algo o golpe objetivo a fondo para aplastar la cabeza de un cuadrado verde en sí la explosión de zombis.

Jugar Minecraft en

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Die Eiskönigin Elsa Mommy Twins Birth Spiel

Spielen Sie das Spiel Die Eiskönigin Elsa Mommy Twins Birth auf unserer Website

Die Eiskönigin Spiele

Monday, March 13, 2017

Slither io Online Spielen Video

Spielen das Spiel "" auf unserer Website Spiel

Modernos juegos para las niñas

Los modernos juegos de moda para las niñas difieren fascinante historia y la diversidad de género. Para los amantes de la moda y la belleza que hemos preparado un vestido elegante hasta, maquillaje y peinados, la compra virtual y una visita al spa. Los que no pueden imaginar mis días sin cocinar apreciarán las recetas, abriendo su propia tienda de café o lecciones de un chef experimentado. Adoran los cuentos de hadas y la magia sin duda disfrutar de jugar con las hadas, unicornios y hermosas princesas. Una naturaleza creativa sofisticada estarán encantados con el colorido risovalok, hablando como parte de una banda de pop y bailes de salón lecciones.

Mini juegos será de interés para las niñas de todas las edades, los niños, ya que son muy amable, divertido y entretenido. La variedad de líneas de asunto y tareas simples le permite pasar más tiempo en un buen estado de ánimo y placer.

Lego Superman Spielen

Lego Spiele online auf