Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dora the Explorer: Great adventure

Dora the Explorer: Great adventure

Dora the Explorer has a birthday. She returns from school with her friend. But instead of the usual bridge over the creek, the dragon is waiting for them! How to move to the other side? Dora understands: some magician transferred them to a fairy tale. And if they are in a fairy tale, then all problems are solved in the most magical way! For example, in games at site you can fly a dragon, using a large soap bubble.

How fun to soar in the air, bouncing off the dragon's back like a ball! And what kind of multicolored crystals? Collect them, flying by - they will be useful to you. From time to time below the playing field there are drawings - a dog, a turtle, a pie or something. And over the back of the dragon appear balloons with letters written on them in English letters. Remember, on what letter the English names of drawings begin, and catch the necessary ball. The flight continues ... Oh, no! Evil witch and flying monkeys made holes in Dora's ball! Urgently count how many patches you need, and then show Boo where to put them, until the soap bubble falls! We coped - and Dora is already on the other side of the stream.

Now you need to go through the forest. In it, and live the evil volatile monkeys. And in the hollows someone hides a very cold - it is better not to approach, sneezes so that blows off the branch! And still everywhere you can find colorful magic crystals. Dial them as much as possible! But do not interfere with the monkeys, do not slip on the banana peel and do not disturb the wild bees. The last stage of the journey you will do on horseback on the Unicorn! And not just like that - but on the rainbow. And again, collect the crystals. Just beware of the colored waves, so that your Unicorn does not stumble, and Dora does not lose the collected crystals. But the evil witch does not want to leave Dora alone - she made holes in the rainbow bridge! This is very dangerous - three times your "horse" will fail, and Dora will never get home. Jump! Or go around with it, as it will be more convenient for you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Where to play Terraria Online

Terraria Online

Terraria is an exciting game, built on the principle of a sandbox in the design of 2D. Many consider her to be a Meincraft clone, but this is not entirely true. It is released on Windows computers. Gradually transferred its content to the consoles of Xbox and PlayStation, as well as to iOS phones and Android.

The Terraria game is characterized by the random generation of worlds. Her characters can be customized. Day here is replaced at night (which adds realism). Land plots can be changed. And with the help of crafting (creating objects), you can equip life by extracting minerals.

The craft function allows you to erect buildings and dig deep underground mines. It's nice that in the game on there is an option to play simultaneously to several users.

The game will provide you with a world unique in its parameters. The hero receives three main tools to obtain the resources. Kirk for the development of minerals, an ax for harvesting wood and a sword.

Study the caves. In their bowels are hidden the necessary ore and a lot of usefulness. Some rarities are only available in certain regions of spacious lands. Look out for the chests. Open them and find artifacts. Most of the awards brave will receive after the battle. The enemy fights, and the bonus is secured.

With the help of recipes, you get the ability to create something new, but for this you need ingredients. As a result, you will find objects or weapons. It all depends on the selected recipe. For example: lighting will be provided by torches, and for their manufacture a workbench will be useful. The smelting furnace will process the ore into metal ingots. There are very complex combinations of components in the Terrarium, where to collect one thing you will have to use resources that are themselves created using recipes.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Online games for boys

Online games for boys

In flash games on every boy can feel like a real man! You can sit at the helm of the spacecraft and take part in the space battle accurately shooting at targets and enemy military equipment. Fans of racing simulators will be able to feel like real motorcyclists overcoming in jumps various obstacles. And someone always wanted to sit behind the wheel of a steep wheelbarrow from your favorite movie and about tuning your car to your liking.

For more adult men fights and games with weapons will do. You can play for a brave knight or a samurai, protecting your fortress from a crowd of monsters. Or for a well-aimed sniper defending himself from a zombie. Or maybe you always wanted to become a tanker and influence the future of military operations by shooting enemy tanks from behind your cover because of your cover.

Fans of sports games can take a racket and play tennis, billiards or football. I think every boy dreams of hitting a couple of balls playing for his favorite football player. For calmer children, logical games are suitable: labyrinths, strategies or tower defense style, which have recently become very popular among boys.

Youtube Channel:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Friv Racing Games

Friv Racing Games

It is very difficult to meet a person who has never played or does not like to play in the race. I think you know the spirit of the competition for playing games on in the race for two, when you are shouting and yelling ahead of your opponent? Racing is a separate whole genre that develops and has its own (and sufficiently large) audience of fans.

This Friv Games server is dedicated to a variety of racing flash games, in which you can play together with a friend, get a lot of adrenaline and have fun. Limitations in the choice of means of transportation are practically absent - here you can drive on simple cars and on jeeps, on tractors and on motorcycles, on bicycles and even on horses!

Have fun!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bob Esponja Dutchman's dash

Juegos de Bob Esponja

Playing online in Dutchman's dash at you have to save from the clutches of the ghost of the old pirate favorite pet Bob Esponja - snail Gerry. To win, you need to successfully complete several levels of fun underwater adventures.

All you need for a game is a computer and a connection to the Internet. The game quickly and without problems opens in the browser window, the control is done by the arrow buttons on the keyboard. The buttons "left" - "right" allow you to control your hero's run, the arrow "up" - jump over obstacles or jump on them. Press the "down" button - and your hero crouches, dodging the tentacles of the jellyfish dragons.

In the course of the game, you can collect bonuses that help defend against trouble or bring extra points. Together with Sponge Bob, Patrick Star, an awkward starfish, will also be at your disposal. His jumping strength is slightly higher than that of Bob Esponja and he is always ready to come to the rescue of his friend, if from the first time Bob does not succeed. In the game, each hero initially has three lives, but by collecting bonus points-crabbussers you can add one or two more. You should be afraid of green sea urchins, jellyfish dragons and rolling cannonballs, try to jump over pits with water ... At each new level, the dangers are added, it becomes more difficult to go on - but will this stop the inseparable friends?

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