Monday, April 10, 2017

Bob Esponja Dutchman's dash

Juegos de Bob Esponja

Playing online in Dutchman's dash at you have to save from the clutches of the ghost of the old pirate favorite pet Bob Esponja - snail Gerry. To win, you need to successfully complete several levels of fun underwater adventures.

All you need for a game is a computer and a connection to the Internet. The game quickly and without problems opens in the browser window, the control is done by the arrow buttons on the keyboard. The buttons "left" - "right" allow you to control your hero's run, the arrow "up" - jump over obstacles or jump on them. Press the "down" button - and your hero crouches, dodging the tentacles of the jellyfish dragons.

In the course of the game, you can collect bonuses that help defend against trouble or bring extra points. Together with Sponge Bob, Patrick Star, an awkward starfish, will also be at your disposal. His jumping strength is slightly higher than that of Bob Esponja and he is always ready to come to the rescue of his friend, if from the first time Bob does not succeed. In the game, each hero initially has three lives, but by collecting bonus points-crabbussers you can add one or two more. You should be afraid of green sea urchins, jellyfish dragons and rolling cannonballs, try to jump over pits with water ... At each new level, the dangers are added, it becomes more difficult to go on - but will this stop the inseparable friends?

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