Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dora the Explorer: Great adventure

Dora the Explorer: Great adventure

Dora the Explorer has a birthday. She returns from school with her friend. But instead of the usual bridge over the creek, the dragon is waiting for them! How to move to the other side? Dora understands: some magician transferred them to a fairy tale. And if they are in a fairy tale, then all problems are solved in the most magical way! For example, in games at site you can fly a dragon, using a large soap bubble.

How fun to soar in the air, bouncing off the dragon's back like a ball! And what kind of multicolored crystals? Collect them, flying by - they will be useful to you. From time to time below the playing field there are drawings - a dog, a turtle, a pie or something. And over the back of the dragon appear balloons with letters written on them in English letters. Remember, on what letter the English names of drawings begin, and catch the necessary ball. The flight continues ... Oh, no! Evil witch and flying monkeys made holes in Dora's ball! Urgently count how many patches you need, and then show Boo where to put them, until the soap bubble falls! We coped - and Dora is already on the other side of the stream.

Now you need to go through the forest. In it, and live the evil volatile monkeys. And in the hollows someone hides a very cold - it is better not to approach, sneezes so that blows off the branch! And still everywhere you can find colorful magic crystals. Dial them as much as possible! But do not interfere with the monkeys, do not slip on the banana peel and do not disturb the wild bees. The last stage of the journey you will do on horseback on the Unicorn! And not just like that - but on the rainbow. And again, collect the crystals. Just beware of the colored waves, so that your Unicorn does not stumble, and Dora does not lose the collected crystals. But the evil witch does not want to leave Dora alone - she made holes in the rainbow bridge! This is very dangerous - three times your "horse" will fail, and Dora will never get home. Jump! Or go around with it, as it will be more convenient for you.

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