Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friv Mobile Games

Friv Mobile Games

Every game developer would like to see his child become so popular, as well as friv mobile games at site so that he will not be forgotten for many, many years. But, unfortunately, not many people manage to win such popularity. But those who succeed in this have achieved this not by accident, but with hard and persistent work. Why do we love these interesting games so much? We distinguish them among many other games. After all, if you look at first glance - nothing special in these games: the simplest game world, no special effects, complex missions and intricate scenarios ... But, nevertheless, we return to this game again and again.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Jogos Kizi Games

Kizi Games

Are you exactly the one who likes to spend time with virtual characters? Do you want to constantly discover for yourself some new kinds of games to enjoy an interesting story? Or, perhaps, do you ever dream of going to conquer outer space and gain the trust of aliens? It means only one thing - that Kizi games are exactly right for you!

What about the Kizi games? About the cute cosmic dinosaur who gets into different adventures, likes to communicate, is glad to new friends and will never give up any pranks and prose. Search on site for the best game and immerse yourself in an interesting adventure in the company with a green friend.

These online games are suitable for girls and boys. These are bright, funny, kind games, which will give the child a lot of positive emotions. The main character of these space adventures is a charming dinosaur, green. He flew to Earth from another planet. He is very fond of learning something new, very curious, friendly and spontaneous.

Our friend, and in combination the main character of the game is an alien green-eyed baby. Appearance of it is very strange for our human notions, however, in his homeland he is a beautiful creature. After all, in outer space everything is different and the standards of beauty are their own.

But for the human eye, the appearance of the protagonist is not repulsive. Even to us he seems very nice. But we love him not so much for appearance (this is not the main thing), but for cheerful disposition, friendliness and inexhaustible optimism. This dinosaur is so versatile that everyone will like it. Kizi's games at show him from many different angles. He is very curious and loves adventure, so with such a friend it will never be boring!


Friday, May 5, 2017

My Little Pony - Slice of life and 5 top videos

Just want to note that my review refers more to the first season of MLP, which rightfully can be considered a masterpiece of animation and one of the best series for the whole family. It can not be said that the following seasons were so bad: they still can please with interesting subjects, and with funny humor, but much of it has been unbearably lost, too much has been done to please the fans.

"Is it normal that I like it?" - a question that stirs the mind of a person who was delighted with the accidentally seen My Little Pony series. Having entered the Internet, such a person can calm down - fans of the "show for little girls" who call themselves "armor", captivated the whole world, and for today viewing the cartoon about colorful horses has ceased to be something shameful.

And the secret of the cartoon is simple - it's the series "Friends" with ponies instead of people. Watching everyday stories from the life of heroines (sewing dresses, picking apples, etc.), we begin to feel sympathy for each of them, rejoice at their successes and get frustrated when they suffer defeat. Breaking a template can cause an unexpectedly high level of humor, which you do not expect from a cartoon, originally created for little girls.

Since MLP - whatever one may say, action, there are here a series of battles with monsters, and the salvation of the world. But there are fewer such series than simple, everyday stories. By the way, it is in the prevalence of the series with epic stories that the main drawback of the subsequent MLP seasons is that games with which you can play online on site. Of course, it is interesting to observe the clashes of heroines with Discord or chejnjlings, but in these episodes there is a lack of warmth and comfort that were in the series about the best evening or pajama party. Yes, and the characters, for the disclosure of the characters which are interesting to follow in the first season, decently bored to the sixth.

If you want to get carried away with modern animation and do not know where to start, then "My Little Pony" is an ideal option. On the well-known experts in animation, the series, of course, will not make a tremendous impression. Although some expert on animation did not look, or at least did not hear about the multi-colored ponies?

5 top videos on Youtube

My Little Pony Veggie Garden

Equestria Girls Batalla de las Bandas

My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie’s Cupcake Maker Browsergame

My Little Pony Rock Concert

My Little Pony Cooking Cake Walkthrough

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Teletubbies - It's bright, It's fun, Unforgettably!

Teletubbies Spiele

I do not even know what could happen in these funny comic kids, which would make the children "stupefy." Dull children because they do not read books. That they do not do their homework. What teachers do not listen to in class. Because they are not interested in anything other than cartoons or computer games ... Stop. This is where the solution lies. In total, and Teletubbies in particular, should be in moderation.

Of course, there will be no benefit to the intellectual development of the child from this animated series, but at the same time, the child should be able to relax in the soul, disconnect the brain, relax. I watched the Teletubbies at one time did not interfere with studying perfectly, reading encyclopedias, solving crossword puzzles ...

It is important to find time for everything. Books give us food for reason, games Teletubbies at make you smile. I myself, like many people, woke up every morning only when I heard Papa's crying voice and the Teletubbies' song, and these sounds made me smile and open up to meet the new day.

You know, I do not remember very well what the pictures looked like on the pages of encyclopedias that I read. But I remember the Teletubbies well. Because they gave me joy. Is not that enough?

Related video on Youtube:

Teletubbies Little Bo Peep

Teletubbies Animal Parade

Teletubbies We all Fall Down