Thursday, May 4, 2017

Teletubbies - It's bright, It's fun, Unforgettably!

Teletubbies Spiele

I do not even know what could happen in these funny comic kids, which would make the children "stupefy." Dull children because they do not read books. That they do not do their homework. What teachers do not listen to in class. Because they are not interested in anything other than cartoons or computer games ... Stop. This is where the solution lies. In total, and Teletubbies in particular, should be in moderation.

Of course, there will be no benefit to the intellectual development of the child from this animated series, but at the same time, the child should be able to relax in the soul, disconnect the brain, relax. I watched the Teletubbies at one time did not interfere with studying perfectly, reading encyclopedias, solving crossword puzzles ...

It is important to find time for everything. Books give us food for reason, games Teletubbies at make you smile. I myself, like many people, woke up every morning only when I heard Papa's crying voice and the Teletubbies' song, and these sounds made me smile and open up to meet the new day.

You know, I do not remember very well what the pictures looked like on the pages of encyclopedias that I read. But I remember the Teletubbies well. Because they gave me joy. Is not that enough?

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