Monday, June 19, 2017

In the Crossout Game There Will be Drivers of Armored Cars


Only a week has passed since the release of the post-apocalyptic MMO Crossout in open access, and the developers have already cared about the beauty of weapons and the appearance of cars. As site informs, All designers will receive containers with paint and will be engaged in creativity.

As part of the update 0.60 Crossout received several important innovations, one of them - the opportunity to put in the cab of a specialist driver. All the drivers in the game belong to certain factions, and if you gain some influence in the faction, you will have access to the driver. All the "drivers" have different skills, gain experience in combat and discover new perks that seriously affect the gameplay.

All lovers of unusual forms have an excellent opportunity to make their transport unlike their opponents. The decoration system allows not only to repaint some parts of the car, but also to create (in the future) unusual design elements installed on the car bodies. All players will have access to the machine tool of the Mechanics faction, where they can forge containers with cosmetics. Decorated weapons can not be resold, but you can repaint an infinite number of times.

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