Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New map for Overwatch in the Mad Max Style

New map for Overwatch in the Mad Max Style

The company Blizzard showed the long-awaited new card for Overwatch in the style of "Mad Max", and also suddenly introduced a new short film about the adventures of two friends in his hometown.

According to the prehistory, Kryavchik and Turbosvin lived in Junktown Town, which is located in the heart of the Australian prairie. The city was built after the Omnium destroyed in the war, and now it has become a haven for the most out-and-out bandits, who call themselves the Junkers. As it became known Mamumba Games, all the bandits are ruled by the Queen. Kryavchik and Turbosvin lived among the other thugs, but so they got the queen that she decided to drive them out of Junktown. But our heroes are very stubborn and decided to take revenge ...

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